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CHILE, 2012

Kristy had a passion for helping children and acted upon that calling from a young age. During the last two years of her life, Kristy took this mission to a global level.  She travelled to the Dominican Republic, Tanzania and Chile to volunteer and work with children. Each time she returned from a journey her heart overflowed with love for the children she met.  Her unconditional love, genuine care, and infectious smile left an imprint on these children, too.  She wanted to make a difference in their lives, and through this she learned that giving herself to others filled her heart and gave her a sense of purpose for her life.


Hand in hand with this calling was her passion for education. She minored in Education at the University of Washington and believed in the importance of education, especially among those with unequal opportunities. This influenced her decision to teach English to students in Chile, which is where she was diagnosed.


In Kristy’s short twenty four years she found what inspired her.  Her love of children, education, and service are what moved her to give. We know that Kristy’s hope for all of us would be to find what stirs our hearts and let it motivate us to give back.


Thank you for your support in continuing Kristy’s journey.

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