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Kristy formed the first Prayin' and Slayin' team to walk in the NW Sarcoma Foundation's Dragon Slayer event in 2013. She wanted to raise money for the Foundation and spread awareness about this rare, but deadly cancer. Her Prayin' and Slayin' team had over 100 participants!  In her memory, we have walked every year since and will continue for years to come. Our team has raised over $11,000 for NW Sarcoma Foundation over 6 years! This money helps sarcoma patients who have financial needs and furthers research on finding a cure. Thank you so much for all of your support for this worthy organization! This year's event is September 25 at Magnuson Park. Click on the icon to the right to sign up and/or donate to this year's Walk.

Kristy touched many hearts all over the world. Even though she is gone, her travelling spirit still exists in each of us and it's important to take her with us wherever we go. Whenever you are on your next adventure, put a sunflower sticker somewhere and post a photo here. If you find something that reminds you of Kristy, please take a picture or share your story on this page. 

Let's share where we carry her. Click the icon to the left to go to the page. Once you "Like" the page, you will have access to all of the posts.

We created stickers with Kristy's initials on them so that her bright yellow spirit can be seen all over. When you are posting sunflower stickers around, any sunflower stickers will do.  But if you would like more of the KHL decals, send a request for more stickers and we will mail you a couple! Email Remember to take pictures of where you post the stickers and post them on the above Facebook site.

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