Sudden Impact Volleyball Club (SIVBC), where Kristy played for 5 years and coached for 2, wanted to honor Kristy in a meaningful way. SIVBC is more than just a volleyball club. It strives to build character and encourages its players to live purposeful lives off the court as well.


Kristy's passion was making a difference in the lives of children. She clearly had a strong humanitarian and volunteer spirit. She also loved volleyball! She played it whenever she could and used the sport as a way to connect with the children she volunteered with in the Dominican Republic, Tanzania and Chile. It was a gift she shared on a regular basis.


After meeting with SIVBC, the Kristy LeMond Impact Fund was created. Yearly Grants from the Fund are available to former and current SIVBC players in order to help them pursue their passions by making it easier to follow their hearts and impact the world through volunteerism.

The club held an alumnae fundraiser in December, 2015, and raised $10,000 to put towards the scholarship!


To find out more about SIVBC and to donate to the Kristy LeMond Impact Fund, click the link below

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